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lizzie kassab is a photographer, art director, maker of pretty things...

travel-hungry creative strategist, doodler, art historian, adventurer, reformed pinterest-addict, and ramen-obsessed red pen enthusiast with a passion for problem-solving.

things i like:

- coffee (v serious coffee snob - shout out populace coffee MY FAV)

- museums (you can find me at UMMA or the DIA most weekends)

- photographs (looking, taking, printing, etc.)

- podcasts (love you forever, the memory palace + state of the arts)

- anthony bourdain (and his hatred of guy fieri)

- foodgawking (you're welcome) 

- benihana (proof)

let's be friends.

 oh hey. follow my social escapades below.


*UPDATE: I am no longer taking on wedding clients, but I'm happy to give you a referral!

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